Pandacea app QR code

Contactless Entry

  • Hardware free entry solution
  • Low cost
  • Attendance management

Pandacea app dashboard

Multiple Dashboards

  • Keep track of recent activity at different site locations
  • Recent sign ins and sign outs, For admin and employee users
  • Work in progress data
Pandacea app dashboard

Pandacea app scheduler page

Easy Scheduling

  • Schedule multiple employees in fewer clicks
  • Employee dashboards include hours worked
  • Access control to dashboards

Pandacea app reports page


  • Ad-hoc reports
  • Daily sign-in updates
  • Industry overview
  • Daily invoicing reports
Pandacea app reports page

Pandacea app recent activity page

Time Tracking

The Pandacea Time Tracking module helps businesses save time and money while staying safe. Employees sign in and out using their phones.

  • Integrates with your preferred payroll application
  • Exports hours worked to Excel
  • Daily sign-in updates
  • Displays clock in and clock out including hours worked on the employee dashboard

Pandacea app StaySafe page

Workplace Incidents

A Pandacea module is used to log and report on workplace incidents as required by law.

  • Easy to complete
  • Generate analytical reports
  • Uses mandated reporting forms
  • Integrate with WSIB
Pandacea app StaySafe page