StaySafe with Pandacea

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Pandacea helps your residents, contractors, and staff be safe and improves your organization’s efficiency. StaySafe with Pandacea by implementing best practices that suit the way you work.
Pandacea :

  • A hardware- free solution
  • Is HIPAA Compliant
  • Keeps Resident, staff, and visitor Safe
  • Includes payroll integration
  • Has fewer keystrokes to complete a task

Fully dedicated to the safety of our customers

Pandacea provides a paperless approach to managing health & safety requirements while still meeting compliance standards.

Our technology offers a single platform for all your operations. We adhere to government policies and mandates to help you avoid fines and penalties while keeping your business safe.

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Pandacea StaySafe serves in this communities

Health care worker taking to old man on wheelchair

Assisted Living

Workers working on construction site

Home Builders

Young leady taking wheelchair person to the retirement home

Retirement Homes

Senior citizen spending time together and doing activities

Senior Living


  • Contactless entry
  • Time tracking
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Forms and templates
  • Pandacea StaySafe ™
  • Contact & company database
  • Workplace incidents
  • Easy scheduling